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Don’t let pests ruin your house! Guard Plus Termite and Pest Control in Amarillo, Texas provides a general pest control service that includes termite inspections and chemical-free mattress sensitization. Our services are efficient and affordable to keep away harmful insects like spiders, ants, roaches, centipedes, and wasps. Here, our main concern is your well-being.

Mission Statement

We, Guard Plus Termite and Pest Control, render harmless, efficient and reasonable pest control services fit for your family and business. With several years of experience and continued training on products and techniques, we will provide you with the most reliable and up-to-date services available in Amarillo, TX termite control. There are no long term contracts required. To meet or even exceed your expectations is our goal, that we might encourage you to do business with us too.

We are qualified and licensed to service commercial, residential, public and private education institutions, and medical facilities. Please call us for any special needs you may have. Request a service from Guard Plus Termite and Pest Control to prevent plague attacks with our pest control service.

Zika Virus: 10 Fast Facts You Should Know!

  1. Fever, rashes, joint pains and red eyes are some signs of being infected by the virus
  2. Body parts mosquitoes are more likely to target are areas of excessive moisture due to body sweat like feet, ankles, wrists, and hands.
  3. Mosquitoes usually bite during the day, contrary to the belief that they are more active at night.
  4. Mosquitoes are most likely to be active in areas that are dark, moist, out of the wind, with heavy vegetation and under sheds.
  5. According to CDC, there are no known reports of pets contracting the virus.
  6. Mosquitoes, in one feeding, will absorb up to 0.01 milliliters of blood—that is, less than half a teardrop!
  7. Mosquitoes locate us through the carbon dioxide we breathe out and through our skin.
  8. After a single blood meal, a mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs! So, it should be very important to eliminate standing water.
  9. Mosquitoes feed on birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.
  10. There are several home remedies to list, but one of the most effective ways to relieve a bite is by rubbing an ice cube on the area.